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Grant Resources: Finding Funding

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The Challenges of Finding Research Funding Opportunities

Finding funding opportunities can be challenging. There are many opportunities for funding out there, but few central places to look for them! In addition, many organizations have many different goals and it is important to find those that align with your research interests.

This guide will support you by: 

  • Alerting you to places where you can discover upcoming grants
  • Providing you with writing resources to strengthen your proposal
  • Bringing attention to considerations for your application (such as open access)
  • Outlining the support available fom the library

This guide will provide you general resources. If you require more tailored support,  contact us to set up a consultation meeting

Are you affiliated with the University of Toronto?

If so, the University of Toronto has several resources related to finding funding and grant opportunities for you to explore: 

Canadian National Granting Agencies

Canada has 3 major granting agencies: CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC. THere are also other national programs that can provide funding. Below is a list of funding agencies, and opportunities. 

Nursing Research Grants