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Grant Resources: Open Access Considerations

Open Access Requirements for Grant Recipients

Many research funding organizations are including requirements that recipients publish the results of their funded research where it is open to be accessed by anyone. This generally means in an Open Access journal and/or an open online repository, and may include both the article or report of the results of your research and the data you collected.  It is important that you find and understand the open access requirements of the grant you are applying for.  Below you will find links to information about the Open Access requirements for some major grants.

For more detailed information about Open Access, please see our Open Access 101 guide

Open Access Considerations for your Application

  • You may be asked to provide information about how and/or where your results will be made accessible
  • You should consider whether to include a budget line for Open Access publication costs if you are going to submit to an Open Access journal - check to make sure that these costs are eligible before including them in the budget.
  • If you have one or a few specific journals in mind for submitting the resulting article, it would be a good idea for you to find out
    • what copyright you would and would not retain if your article is accepted
    • what permissions are provided for authors to self-archive (for instance, by making the full text available via your ResearchGate account or personal website) or submit accepted articles to repositories