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Zotero: MS Word Plug-In

This guide will assist users in installing and using Zotero to cite, save and manage their research sources.

Why Use Zotero with Word?

Zotero will format your references in APA style, Vancouver style, or just about any other style you like.

With the plug-ins, available for Microsoft Word and LibreOffice, you can:

  • Create dynamic bibliographies!
  • Insert in-text citations in your manuscript!
  • Make new citations and see your bibliography automatically updated to include the cited item!
  • Correct an item in your Zotero library-  and with a click of a button incorporate the change into your texts!

This feature takes one of the most challenging aspects of any paper or project and simplifies and automates it for you.

How To Use Zotero with Your Word Processing Software

  1. Open Zotero Standalone and your word processing software, like MS Word. Make sure you have the Zotero plug-in for your word processing software installed.
  2. You may see the following warning. If you do, click Enable Content. 
    (click on images to open a larger version in a new window)
    Enable content
  3. A Zotero tab will appear in the ribbon. This means Zotero is enabled.
    Zotero enabled
  4. When you are ready to add your first citation, click the Zotero tab. Remember, only resources you have saved to Zotero will be available for you to cite. Once you've selected the Zotero tab,click Add/Edit Citation.
    Zotero tab
  5. A pop-up box will appear. You can start to type a keyword from your resource's title.
    Zotero pop-up resource lookup
  6. Or select Classic View if you want to access more options, like suppressing the author from a citation or citing multiple sources for one piece of data. This is also useful if you've forgotten the name of your resource and want to search from a list.
    Add/edit citation
  7. Once you've selected your resource, the in-text citation will be added to your project.
  8. To create a bibliography, first make sure you have the correct citation style selected in your preferences. 
    Document preferences
  9. Finally, insert your bibliography into your document using the Insert Bibliography button.
    Insert bibliography
  10. Be sure to check your bibliography for improper capitalizations, spelling errors or other problems.

How to Use Zotero with Microsoft Word

Frequently Asked Questions

Which word processing programs can run Zotero?
The following programs can run Zotero:

  • Word for Windows (Word 2010 or later, excluding Word 2010 Starter Edition)
  • Word for Mac (Word 2008 or later)
  • LibreOffice (LibreOffice 5.2 or later) 
  • Google Docs

Are any other word processors supported?
Not officially, but there are third party plug-ins you can access.

Can I still create a bibliography if I don't have any of the supported software?
Yes you can. Instructions on how to create a bibliography using only Zotero Standalone can be found here under the title Quick Copy.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
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