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Services For Faculty: Evidence-Informed Librarianship


The Learning Resource Centre practices continuous quality

improvement by constantly evaluating our resources, products and services

Measuring Our Performance

We collect operational data from all elements of the LRC -- including resource, product, service and space use. To ensure that we are current, flexible and relevant, the LRC measures satisfaction via surveys, interviews, and group discussions, as well as via day-to-day interaction with our users.

The LRC is also committed to measuring value and impact. We want to ensure that not only are the LRC services and spaces being used and that satisfaction is high, but that the LRC is contributing to improved learner experiences and outcomes.

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Questions? Contact The LRC

  Juanita Richardson -- MLIS, MBA                                                 


  t. 416-596-3101 ext. 3454




 Graham Lavender -- BA, MLIS  

  Associate Librarian

  t. 416-596-3101 ext. 1981



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