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This guide is intended for students and faculty of The Michener Institute.  It will show you how to find online medical images to use when studying, creating presentations, and/or writing assignments.    

The images you choose to include in your work must be properly cited.  See the LRC's Referencing and Writing Help page for details, or contact the LRC.

Images from Michener - Subscribed Databases

The LRC subscribes to a number of online journals and journal databases.  When you search for a topic in the databases or in specific journals, you can use images that are associated with the resulting articles for educational purposes under the Fair Dealing provision of the Copyright Act.  Don't forget to cite the images! by Primal Pictures login screen

Not sure if your thigh bone is really connected to your hip bone or where on earth you would find a quadratus lumborum? Well luckily for you, the LRC subscribes to Anatomy TV - a 3D interactive anatomy exploration program!

You can use the MRI function to access cross-sectional 3D anatomical images correlated with real CT/MRI scan data. You can scroll through axial, sagittal, and coronal CT/MRI slices of the lungs, bones, and soft tissue (trunk, thorax, abdomen, male pelvis, and female pelvis). You can follow a structure through the body by clicking on it and scrolling up or down the spinal column. Accompanying the highlighted area is a small descriptive paragraph that includes information on blood supply, innervation, and gross anatomy. This feature is incredibly useful for identifying how structures move throughout the body and what their relation is to other structures. [Thanks to LRC Student Assistant Rebecca for this write up!]

Online Videos

Are you looking for online videos from a reliable source?  The LRC has access to videos in Clinical Medicine by the New England Journal of Medicine

You can use this resource to search for and view medical videos on various topics.  Just click on the Filter button on the left side of the screen to search for videos of interest. 

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Creative Commons License
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