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Nursing Resources: Research Help

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Writing Resources

Citation Managers

Citation managers are software programs that researchers and students use in order to store and utilize their references for a project. Citation managers can help you:

  • export references easily from databases such as Medline, PubMed, CINAHL.
  • organize, manage and save citations for your project
  • store and annotate pdfs 
  • share references and collaborate with colleagues 
  • format your paper and create bibliographies in the citation style of your choice (APA, Vancouver, etc)

The primary citation manger used at UHN is EndNote Desktop. To schedule a training session to learn more about EndNote, contact your Information Specialist

For a fantastic overview of different citation managers and their features, go to U of T Gerstein Library's Citation Management Comparison Table to learn more about the different options. 

How to Find Research Instruments in CINAHL

There are a few different ways you can search for research instruments in CINAHL.

Search by subject heading:

Type research instrument into the search box and click on search. CINAHL will map your search query to the subject heading for research instruments. Select and click on the research instrument subject heading in the list.  You also have the option of searching instruments by name or instruments by type instead. Make sure to click on explode if you would like to include all of the narrower terms underneath "research instruments". Click on search. 

Then search for the topic that you're interested in and combine the two searches together to get a set of results that are on research instruments and your topic of interest. 

Search by publication type: 

Conduct a search on a topic in CINAHL such as "depression". Click on the edit button next to your search term in the search history table. In the edit search window, go down to publication type and limit to either research instrument or questionnaire/scale. Click on search. 

Search for a specific instrument using the "instrumentation" search field:

Type in the name of the instrument into the search box. Click on the drop down menu next to the search box and select IN Instrumentation from the list. Click on search. 

Contact your Information Specialist to learn more!

Research Instruments Websites

Selected Research Books

What is Qualitative Research?
Evidence-Based Nursing: The Research-Practice Connection
Health Measurement Scales: A practical guide to their development and use (5 ed.)
Mixed Methods Research for Nursing and the Health Sciences
Introduction To Nursing Research: Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice
Middle Range Theory for Nursing, 3rd ed.