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The Movement of Orthopedics: Apps


CMCC Mobile App

Read processes for emergencies, report incidents and receive notifications when events occur. Access your Apple or Google Play store and search for ‘CMCC Mobile App’.


OrthoEvidence is the mobile-friendly online source for high quality and timely orthopaedic–only evidence-based summaries, pre-appraised by orthopaedic medical experts. Remote access: Use your email address at the Sign Up button to create a new OE account for off-campus access.

Complete Anatomy

Interactive anatomy resource allows you to view body systems, add layers, explore physiological features, and more.  Tools include; cutting, labeling, bone spurs, screen recordings, quiz creation and more.  Contact us about your access.

BMJ Best Practice


A trusted, authoritative clinical decision support tool that provides quick, easy-to-use answers to clinical questions. Contact us about your access.

Companion App:

Create a personal account within the IP range of the institution (while at CMCC).

Access your Apple or Google Play store and search for ‘BMJ Best Practice’. Select the app and when prompted, use your BMJ Best Practice ‘personal account’ details to sign in and download the content.

Free Orthopeadics Apps

AO Trauma Orthogeriatrics - Educational tools for the care of older adults with fractures.

JBS Algorithms Ortho -  Joint and Bone algorithm is an orthopedic specific app with step by step guidelines for diagnosis and treatment for a large number of orthopaedic specific issues.

JBJS Journals - One of the leading orthopaedic journals, JBJS, has released a fully-functional app for searching and reading content from their four journals: The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, JBJS Reviews, JBJS Case Connector, and JBJS Essential Surgical Techniques.

ICUCHigh-quality case-based teaching tool for orthopedic trauma.

Insights OrthopedicsOrthopaedic journal and news aggregator with personalized information.

MediBabble - A powerful translation tool to help providers communicate with non-English speaking patients. 

My Knee GuidePatient resource for those considering knee replacement.

PingMD - PingMD is a creative app to help providers securely and efficiently communicate with patients and other providers. 

OrthoBullets - The app consists of 5 sections: Topics, QBank, Cases, Evidence and PASS

OrthoEvent - This free app is useful for any orthopaedic practitioner who attends or is planning to attend any orthopaedic-related conference. 

OrthoGuidelines - For reviewing the AAOS Guidelines and Appropriate Use Criteria for specific diagnoses.

SportsMed Joins the series of RSS-feed apps to organize sports medicine-related abstracts into a single app.

Fee-Based Apps

Core - Clinical Orthopedic Exam contains a database of over 400 clinical tests and how to perform them, video demonstrations, diagnostic properties and links to supporting evidence. 

Learning Orthopedics Quiz combines a number of musculoskeletal system terminology and disorder multiple choice quizzes. 

Muscle Trigger Points illustrates the most common trigger points and referral patterns for over 70 muscles. Each muscle includes the visual referral pattern and point location, plus a written muscle action, referral and comments for each muscle. 

RealWorld Orthopaedics, from the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgery's multimedia education center, this app features more than 50 chapters of the most common and important diagnoses of the field. The chapters are divided into sections discussing basic mechanisms of injury, diagnostic criteria and classifications, differential diagnosis and management. It is also an excellent musculoskeletal radiology resource. 


DynaMed – Get answers to your clinical questions quickly | Joule ...

DynaMed offers succinct, evidence-based clinical guidance written by physicians. It provides answers to your clinical questions quickly and easily, with the most up to date evidence. 

Companion App:

Create a personal account by using the "Sign In/Create Account" link in the top toolbar of the screen while at CMCC (within the IP range of the institution). 

Access your Apple or Google Play store and search for ‘DynaMed Plus’.
Select the app and when prompted, use your DynaMed Plus ‘personal account’ authentication to sign in and access content offline.

Cochrane Library

Latest up-to-date evidence from the Cochrane Library in a convenient, easy to navigate format.

Complete Anatomy

An educational three-dimensional (3D) anatomy platform providing a dynamic way for students to explore anatomy beyond the traditional atlas.Contact us for your access.


Create a personal account by using the "Sign up for access from home" link within the institution network (while at CMCC).

  1. Access your Apple or Google Play store and search for ‘MedOne App’.
  2. Select the app and when prompted, use your MedOne ‘personal account’ authentication to sign in and download full books for use offline.

Connect remotely using your MyAccess profile. No extra login is required. Your MyAccess profile must be created while authenticated and to maintain remote credentialed access you must login in to the site within IP range or VPN every 90 days.


Over 5400 anatomic structures and more than 375 000 translated medical labels.Contact us about your access.

Companion App:

Register for a free account on their website, then install the latest version of an e-Anatomy app on your device (Apple or Google Play), log in using your Imaios account while being connected on the institution activated network.