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The Movement of Orthopedics: Free Online


Free Online: Educational Websites

AO Surgery Reference - A surgical technique reference created by the AO Foundation, is focused on fracture management by providing the most recent clinical principles as they apply to the diagnosis, preparation, execution, and aftercare of orthopaedic trauma

OrthoBullets - A free learning and collaboration community for physicians.

OrthoInfo -  the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon's patient education website. Hundreds of articles on diseases, conditions and treatments, as well as injury prevention information.

Orthoteers - An excellent resource for revision and day-to-day use. Constantly being updated and expanded it provides information on all major branches of orthopaedics along with an excellent image database.

ShoulderDoc - Provides information on a wide variety of upper limb problems and also has some excellent interactive tools and links and access to Stephen Copeland's now out-of-print text on shoulder surgery.

Instant Anatomy - A free anatomy resource which is fairly basic but has some good surface anatomy diagrams along with diagrams of muscle insertion/origin and innervations.

Bartelby - More detailed anatomy can be found at this free online version of Gray's Anatomy textbook. 

Wheeless Online - This website has long been a favorite online reference among orthopaedic trainees and surgeons. One of the earliest digital resources available from a reliable publisher, with over 11,000 pages and 5,000 images. Topics are easily searchable and organized in bullet-point style with relevant references for additional information. 

VuMedi - Offers free video lectures given by top names in the field. The site has a wide selection of topics, boasting 2,000+ videos that are easy to access and search, with comment/post capabilities. 

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery  - The British edition has full online access to back issues for subscribers along with links to upcoming courses and events for trainees and consultants. Includes select free content.

The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - The American journal has online access to issues, CME resources and online quizzes and examinations. Includes select free content.