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Library Services for International Learners at UHN: Understanding Canadian Healthcare

This guide will provide information on resources of relevance to international learners and provide an overview of evidence-based search techniques


Welcome to this guide to library resources for International Learners at UHN. The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Direct you to online resources and courses to help you understand the Canadian healthcare system.
  • Highlight resources for English as a second-language.
  • Direct you to medical licensing exam requirements in Canada and the United States.
  • Provide an overview of evidence-based search techniques.
  • Provide suggestions for accessing library resources after UHN.

Please note: All UHN staff and affiliated learners have access to library services and a library Information Specialist who can assist you by providing free-of-charge literature searches and training on the effective use of any of our library's resources. Contact your Information Specialist or submit a question for further assistance.

If you are also a student of the University of Toronto you can access additional resources through the University by obtaining a UofT library card or TCard. UHN staff who are affiliated (usually by cross-appointment) with the University of Toronto can also take advantage of University of Toronto borrowing privileges.

Understanding Canadian Healthcare