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What is Cite While You Write?

Cite While You Write (a.k.a. CWYW) is one of the best parts of EndNote.  This allows you to insert citations into your database quickly and effectively.  You can create the in body citations and the end of document bibliography simultaneously.  You can also change the entire style of citation with a few clicks.

HINT:  Go to the YouTube site to access the transcipt feature.  This allows you to enter the video at the topic you are interested in.

EndNote CWYW more

This page provides video instructions on how to create bibliographies with EndNote libraries on Windows including 1) adding citations, 2) formatting the bibliography, and 3) editing citations. These are very important steps to take in order to avoid corrupting your library/manuscript. Please DO NOT skip a step. 

 If you need instruction for Macintosh, please see the playlist on Youtube. 

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