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Here you can see the Library Service's Google Scholar Profile for our department's co-authorships and conference presentations. 

Recent Publications by Unity Health Toronto Information Specialists

  • Silver, S. A., Beaubien-Souligny, W., Shah, P. S., Harel, S., Blum, D., Kishibe, T., ... & Harel, Z. (2020). The Prevalence of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients Hospitalized With COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Kidney Medicine.
  • Elbokl, M., Momciu, B., Kishibe, T., Oliver, M. J., & Perl, J. (2020). Peritoneal dialysis access outcomes reported in randomized controlled trials: A systematic review. Peritoneal Dialysis International, 0896860820966898.
  • Kitchlu A, Jhaveri KD, Wadhwani S, Deshpande P, Harel Z, Kishibe T, Henriksen K, Wanchoo R. Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Associated Glomerular Disease: A Systematic Review and Descriptive Analysis. Kidney International Reports. 2020 Oct 16.
  • Gicquelais RE, Werb D, Marks C, Ziegler C, Mehta SH, Genberg BL, Scheim AI. Prevalence and Correlates of Providing and Receiving Assistance with the Transition to Injection Drug Use. Epidemiol Rev. 2020 Oct 7:mxaa008. doi: 10.1093/epirev/mxaa008.
  • Hahmann T, Hamilton-Wright S, Ziegler C, Matheson FI. Problem gambling within the context of poverty: a scoping review. Int Gambl Stud. September 2020:1-40. doi:10.1080/14459795.2020.1819365.
  • Scheim AI, Maghsoudi N, Marshall Z, Churchill S, Ziegler C, Werb D. Impact evaluations of drug decriminalisation and legal regulation on drug use, health and social harms: a systematic review. BMJ Open. 2020;10(9):e035148. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2019-035148.
  • Isayama T, Mildenhall L, Schmölzer GM, Kim HS, Rabi Y, Ziegler C, Liley HG; International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation Newborn Life Support Taskforce. The Route, Dose, and Interval of Epinephrine for Neonatal Resuscitation: A Systematic Review. Pediatrics. 2020 Oct;146(4):e20200586. doi: 10.1542/peds.2020-0586. Epub 2020 Sep 9. PMID: 32907923.
  • Pelaccia T, Plotnick LH, Audetat MC, Nendaz M, Lubarsky S, Torabi N, et al. A Scoping Review of Physicians' Clinical Reasoning in Emergency Departments. Ann Emerg Med. 2020;75(2):206-17.
  • Wiseman-Hakes, C., Ryu, H., Lightfoot, D, Kukreja, G, Colantonio, A, Matheson, F. Examining the Efficacy of Communication Partner Training for Improving Communication Interactions and Outcomes for Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review (2020) Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation, v. 2(1).
  • Ruco A, Dossa F, Tinmouth J, Kishibe T, et al. Social media and mobile health technology for cancer screening: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol. BMJ Open 2020;10:e035411. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-035411.
  • Li S, Trajkovski A, Siarkowski M, Kishibe T, et al. (May 18, 2020) Patient Outcomes With Use of Computed Tomography Angiography in Acute Ischemic Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Cureus 12(5): e8187. doi:10.7759/cureus.8187.
  • Castelo M, Sue-Chue-Lam C, Kishibe T, Acuna SA, Baxter NN. Early urinary catheter removal after rectal surgery: systematic review and meta-analysis [published online ahead of print, 2020 May 7]. BJS Open. 2020;10.1002/bjs5.50288. doi:10.1002/bjs5.50288.
  • Wu W, Chopra A, Ziegler C, McLeod SL, Lin S. Predictive value of hospital discharge neurological outcome scores for long-term neurological status following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: A systematic review. Resuscitation. 2020;151:139-144.
  • Vanderhout SM, Aglipay M, Torabi N, Juni P, da Costa BR, Birken CS, et al. Whole milk compared with reduced-fat milk and childhood overweight: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Am J Clin Nutr. 2019.
  • Nnorom O, Findlay N, Lee-Foon NK, Jain AA, Ziegler CP, Scott FE, et al. Dying to Learn: A Scoping Review of Breast and Cervical Cancer Studies Focusing on Black Canadian Women. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2019;30(4):1331-59.
  • Matheson FI, Hamilton-Wright S, Kryszajtys DT, Wiese JL, Cadel L, Ziegler C, et al. The use of self-management strategies for problem gambling: a scoping review. BMC Public Health. 2019;19(1):445.
  • Lavonas EJ, Ohshimo S, Nation K, Van de Voorde P, Nuthall G, Maconochie I, Torabi N, et al. Advanced airway interventions for paediatric cardiac arrest: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Resuscitation. 2019;138:114-28.
  • Harris M, Qi A, Jeagal L, Torabi N, Menzies D, Korobitsyn A, et al. A systematic review of the diagnostic accuracy of artificial intelligence-based computer programs to analyze chest x-rays for pulmonary tuberculosis. PLoS One. 2019;14(9):e0221339.
  • Campbell DJT, Campbell RB, Ziegler C, McBrien KA, Hwang SW, Booth GL. Interventions for improved diabetes control and self-management among those experiencing homelessness: protocol for a mixed methods scoping review. Syst Rev. 2019;8(1):100.
  • Bodkin C, Pivnick L, Bondy SJ, Ziegler C, Martin RE, Jernigan C, et al. History of Childhood Abuse in Populations Incarcerated in Canada: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Am J Public Health. 2019;109(3):e1-e11.
  • Lindsay, P.J., Rohailla, S., Taggart, L.R., Lightfoot, D., Havey, T., Daneman, N., Lowe, C., Muller, M.P. Antimicrobial stewardship and intensive care unit mortality: A systematic review (2019) Clinical Infectious Diseases, 68 (5), pp. 748-756.
  • Kain, D., Findlater, A., Lightfoot, D., Maxim, T., Kraemer, M.U.G., Brady, O.J., Watts, A., Khan, K., Bogoch, I.I. Factors Affecting Pre-Travel Health Seeking Behaviour and Adherence to Pre-Travel Health Advice: A Systematic Review. J Travel Med. 2019, 26 (6) taz059.
  • Djiadeu, P., Nguemo, J., Mukandoli, C., Odhiambo, A.J., Lightfoot, D., Mbuagbaw, L., Nelson, L.E. Barriers to HIV care among Francophone African, Caribbean and Black immigrant people living with HIV in Canada: A protocol for a scoping systematic review . BMJ Open. 2019, 9 (1), art. no. e027440.
  • Friesen F, Baker LR, Ziegler C, Dionne A, Ng SL. Approaching Impact Meaningfully in Medical Education Research. Academic Medicine. 2019;94(7):955-961.
  • Kryszajtys DT, Hahmann TE, Schuler A, Hamilton-Wright S, Ziegler CP, Matheson FI. Problem Gambling and Delinquent Behaviours Among Adolescents: A Scoping Review. J Gambl Stud. 2018;34(3):893-914.
  • Alnasser, S., Lee, D., Austin, P.C., Labos, C., Osten, M., Lightfoot, D.T., Kutty, S., Shah, A., Meier, L., Benson, L., Horlick, E. Long term outcomes among adults post transcatheter atrial septal defect closure: Systematic review and meta-analysis (2018) International Journal of Cardiology, 270, pp. 126-132.
  • de Souza RJ, Mente A, Maroleanu A, Kishibe T, et al. Intake of saturated and trans unsaturated fatty acids and risk of all cause mortality, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes: systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies. BMJ. 2015;351:h3978. Published 2015 Aug 11. doi:10.1136/bmj.h3978.
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