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The Consortium

2018 Board Members

(Terms of Office in parentheses)

Md Farid Miah (2017-2019) (Treasurer),  Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Michael Wasdell (2017 - 2019), Ontario Shores Center for Mental Health Sciences

Amy Dionne (2017-2019), St. Michael's Hospital

Mandy Lowe (2017 - 2019), University Health Network

Mary McAllister (2016-2018), Hospital for Sick Children

Jennifer McKinnell (2018-2020), McMaster University

Nicole Mittmann (2016-2018), Cancer Care Ontario

Ana Jeremic (2018 - 2020), St. Joseph's Hospital

Neil Romanosky (Chair) (April 2015- ), Gerstein Science Information Centre, University of Toronto

Lori Anne Oja (ex-officio), HSICT Executive Director