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Managing Your Author Identity: ResearcherID

Web of Science Profile/ResearcherID Pros and Cons


  • Provides a unique author identifier that can be used with Clarivate's Web of Science products
  • The Web of Science ResearcherID can be linked to the ORCID ID
  • Can include multiple forms of a name and/or maiden names
  • Helps track institutional entities with whom you may have worked over time
  • Can include peer reviews you've conducted
  • Can include editorships you have held
  • Can include any biographical information you would like to add
  • Includes citation data from the Web of Science for your works (limited with free access; complete with full access)
  • Can produce a CV with the data you have chosen to include
  • Offers a free option (with reduced capabilities), if full access is not available


  • Proprietary system
  • Limited to resources available through Clarivate's Web of Science products

Web of Science Profile / ResearcherID Resource Guide

Publons has joined Web of Science

"Publons has joined Web of Science.  Build, manage and maintain your scholarly presence with simple tools on one trusted platform—the Web of Science.  Whether you're brand new and need help getting started, or if you've had a Publons profile for a while, you'll find help here."

What is the Web of Science Profile ResearcherID?

 The Web of Science ResearcherID is described as:

Web of Science ResearcherID provides a solution to the author ambiguity problem within the scholarly research community. Each member is assigned a unique identifier to enable researchers to manage their publication lists, track their times cited counts and h-index, identify potential collaborators and avoid author misidentification. In addition, your ResearcherID information integrates with the Web of Science products and is ORCID compliant, allowing you to claim and showcase your publications from a single account. Search the registry to find collaborators, review publication lists and explore how research is used around the world!

Getting Started Web of Science Researcher Profiles

Free versus entitled access to the Web of Science

If you have access to the Web of Science via a library or research institution (i.e. University of Toronto), log into the Web of Science using your account.

If you don't have access to the Web of Science, to register for a Web of Science ResearcherID, start by clicking here:  Register for a free Web of Science Researcher Profile

Once you have submitted your Name and Contact information, you will receive a registration invitation link via email.

Creating a Web of Science Researcher Profile from Scratch Video

Once you have a Web of Science Profile with ResearcherID

Once you have a Web of Science ResearcherID, you can do a number of things with it!

  • You can complete your personal profile
  • List your publications and make them private or viewable by others
  • View your citation metrics and gain a report of your h-index
  • Link your Web of Science ResearcherID with ORCID.ID
  • Include peer review and/or editorial activities
  • Export a CV of your scholarly contribution, including your verified publication, peer review, and/or editorial activities


Web of Science ResearcherID Integration with ORCID ID