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Mobile Gateway: Platforms & App Stores

Information about Mobile Access Databases at the CMCC Library


Android Logo

Google's highly popular Linux-based open source mobile device platform.


RIM's (Research in Motion) proprietary mobile device platform for BlackBerry smartphones and Playbook tablets.


Apple iOS Logo

Apple's extremely popular proprietary mobile device platform for their iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices.

What Platform Do you Use?

Choose the mobile platform that you use most often.

What Platform Do you Use?
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Android: 0 votes (0%)
BlackBerry: 0 votes (0%)
Windows Phone (Windows Mobile): 0 votes (0%)
Symbian: 0 votes (0%)
webOS (Palm): 0 votes (0%)
Firefox OS: 0 votes (0%)
other: 0 votes (0%)
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Windows Phone

Microsoft's proprietary Windows operating system for use on mobile devices.