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Citation Searching to Support Your Research: Medline OvidSP

Using selected citation resources to support your research

Aspects of Citation Searching on Medline via OvidSP



• Has large date range, 1946-present

• Indexes 5,640 biomedical journals

• Provides a quick direct link to other articles through journals@ovid that cite the article

• The "Find Citing Articles" feature is built into the search results


• Not a full count of articles that may have cited that article

• The "Find Citing Articles" function will only display when the institution has a "Journals@Ovid" subscription, and draws citing articles from the resources within the subscription license

The creation of an h-Index report is not possible in Medline

Find Citing Articles in OvidSP

Once you have located the citation of interest, be sure to click on the "Find Citing Articles" option to see the articles within Medline OvidSP license subscription that cite the paper in question.

In the case noted below, the article being cited is: 

Huber M, Knottnerus JA, Green L, van der Horst H, Jadad AR, Kromhout D, Leonard B, Lorig K, Loureiro MI, van der Meer JW, Schnabel P, Smith R, van Weel C, Smid H. How should we define health? BMJ. 2011 Jul 26;343:d4163. doi:10.1136/bmj.d4163. PubMed PMID: 21791490

Find Citing Articles

When the Find Citing Articles link is used, it will open a new screen and report the number of times cited with the list of citing references.

In this example, there are 13 results; only the first two results are shown.

Number of Times Cited

Please note, however, that these citing references are only those that are available from within the full-text resources to which your institution subscribes. The number of citing references may change depending upon the agency through which you search Medline OvidSP and the materials they have licensed.

Also note that the number of citing articles is not static; the numbers may grow over time.

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