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Citation Searching to Support Your Research: Google Scholar

Using selected citation resources to support your research
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Aspects of Citation Searching on Google Scholar

Google Scholar

Google Scholar

• Includes conference proceedings, books, book chapters, academic websites, etc

• Searches full text of articles from multiple publisher’s websites


• Sources of information are mysterious, and may not always be from peer-reviewed sources, i.e. Sources of citations may not be from scholarly works

The disclaimer Google Scholar uses on every page: "Dates and citation counts are estimated and are determined automatically by a computer program".

Google Scholar and the h-Index

In order to create/obtain an h-Index from Google Scholar, the author must have created a Google Scholar profile account and have claimed their citations from within Google Scholar.

Sample Author Profile with Citations and h-Index in Google Scholar

Google Scholar Support Resources

Google Scholar: Search for Author Name

Enter the name of an author into the Google Scholar search box.

To obtain a sample profile for an author with a known Google Scholar profile, enter the name:  Gunther Eysenbach

Google Scholar Search