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Kidney Education Resources

Information for you while waiting for a transplant

NEW - What is the immune system? (Video)

  • This video will help you understand your immune system, why transplanted organs can be rejected, the role of transplant medicines and why it's important to take them.

Introduction to kidney transplant

  • What it means to have a transplant, the evaluation process and different transplant options

My transplant passport

  • Use this passport to keep track of tests, appointments and your journey towards transplant

Waiting for your kidney transplant

  • Waiting for the call, what to do when you get it. How to stay healthy and be prepared

NEW - How long until I get a kidney transplant? (Video)

  • This video will help answer your questions about how long it may take to get a kidney transplant.

NEW - How might I shorten my wait time? (Video)

  • This video explains ways that you could potentially shorten your wait time for a kidney transplant.

Exceptional Distribution Kidneys - What you need to know

  • Exceptional distribution kidney donation is when a kidney from a donor may have a higher chance of passing a disease to you

What to expect when you have kidney transplant surgery

  • What to expect while you are in the hospital for your transplant surgery and how to prepare for it

Questions for your kidney transplant team

  • Here are some common questions you might want to ask your team

Drug coverage and finances

  • Planning for medication and other expenses after your transplant

Trillium Gift of Life Network

  • Information on the process of getting a transplant from the Trillium Gift of Life Network

Kidney transplant options

There are two main types of kidney transplant, either from a deceased donor (someone who has died) or a living donor (a friend or family member who donates one of their kidneys). If you have a potential living donor, we offer several options for getting a transplant. There are options even if you and your potential donor are not a match. A few of the options are explained in detail in the resources below.


Click on the titles below to learn more about your transplant options

National living kidney paired donation program

  • When your living kidney donor and you are not a match

Blood group type incompatible ABOi kidney transplants

  • For living donor-recipient pairs who do not have the same blood type

Learn more about blood group incompatible ABOi kidney transplants

  • More detailed information about blood group incompatible transplants

What can I expect if I have a living donor?

  • Describes the living donor process if you have a potential donor

My potential kidney donor lives outside Canada what should I do next?

  • The benefits and challenges of a having kidney donor outside of Canada

Kidney transplant list exchange program

  • The purpose, procedure, benefits and risk of the kidney list exchange program