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Kidney Education Resources

Information for you about donating a kidney

How can I be a kidney donor

  • What you need to know if you are considering donating a kidney

Donating a kidney

  • Information about your living donor kidney transplant

What to expect if you plan to donate a kidney

  • Information about your upcoming transplant surgery

Passport to kidney donation

  • Use this resource to keep track of tests, appointments and your journey in considering kidney donation

Living donation options

There are two main types of kidney transplant, either from a deceased donor (someone who has died) or a living donor (a friend or family member who donates one of their kidneys). Patients and living kidney donors have different options for making transplant happen. There are options even if you and your intended recipient are not a match. A few of the options are explained in detail in the resources below.


Click on the titles below to learn more about transplant options

National living kidney paired donation program

  • For living donor-recipient pairs who are not a match

Blood group type incompatible ABOi kidney transplants

  • For living donor-recipient pairs who do not have the same blood type

Learn more about blood group incompatible ABOi kidney transplants

  • More detailed information about blood group incompatible transplants

Kidney transplant list exchange program

  • The purpose, procedure, benefits and risk of the kidney list exchange program