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SJHC e-Library: Library FAQ


Can I use the library outside the regular library hours?

Absolutely! You will need to go see Security Services (near the Emergency entrance) to get entry access.

How do I sign out a book?

We are still using a card catalogue; so, at the back of each book, you will find a white card. Please fill in the date you borrowed the book, your first and last name, and your phone number (either cell or home is okay). Leave this card in the "loans" box on the brown cart outside the library office.

Reminder: books that have a REFERENCE ONLY sticker cannot be removed from the library.

How do I sign out a journal?

On the brown cart, you will find "periodical loan" cards (green). Please fill out the card with the following details: your first and last name, your personal number, journal title, issue, volume, and year. Leave the card in the "loans" box.

How long is the borrowing period?

Material may be borrowed for 4 weeks and can be renewed for an additional 2 weeks if there is no hold on it. Please note that the library may recall material at any time and you will have to return the item immediately. The borrowing period for CPR resources is 2 weeks only. 

I don't see an article in our collection, what do I do now?

Please send an article request through the library.

Can I access the eLibrary from home?

Yes! Make sure you go through the staff portal on our external website ( Once you are logged in, access the eLibrary from the Intranet. This will allow you to access the library collection as you normally would on site. For more details click here.

Is there wi-fi in the library?

Yes, there is access to public wi-fi in the library, which means you can connect to the internet on your laptops/smartphones/tablets. However, you will not be able to access internal SJHC material (which includes subscription materials on our library website).

Can I bring food and drink into the library?

Yes, you may bring food and drink into the library. However, please eat and drink away from the computers and always take your garbage with you.

Can I use the library to host an education event?

Yes, you may book the library space for all your education events. Please email your requests or queries at library AT

What software is available on the library computers?

Microsoft Office


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