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Kidney Education Resources

Information for you if you had a transplant

NEW - What is the immune system? (Video)

  • This video will help you understand your immune system, why transplanted organs can be rejected, the role of transplant medicines and why it's important to take them.

Going home after your kidney transplant

  • What you need to do when you go home from the hospital after transplant surgery

Clinic visits after your kidney transplant

  • Information on how to take care of yourself and your new kidney 

Healing from kidney transplant surgery

  • What you should and should not do in the first few weeks after surgery

Dealing with complications from kidney transplant surgery

  • How to identify problems and get help as early as possible

What medicines will I be taking after my kidney transplant

  • A program to help you practice taking your transplant medicines

Managing your medicines after kidney transplant

  • You must take anti-rejection medicines every day to keep your new kidney working properly

Handling your transplant medicines safely

  • Tips to help you manage your transplant medications safely

Telemedicine visits

  • If you live far away, our team may use telemedicine services to see you for follow-up visits.

Life after kidney transplant

  • Life after transplant involves many changes

Healthy eating after a kidney transplant

  • Helpful diet tips to follow after your kidney transplant

Having a kidney biopsy

  • What you can expect, possible complications, how to prepare and care after your biopsy

Thanking a donor

Writing your kidney donor's family

  • Writing a thank you to the family of a deceased donor

How to thank your anonymous living kidney donor

  • Writing a thank you to someone who has chosen to give you a kidney anonymously

More resources

International Transplant Nurses Society has information on these topics:

  • Dental Care
  • Post transplant diabetes
  • Pregnancy and parenthood after transplant
  • Diet and exercising after transplant
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after transplant
  • Skin cancer risks in transplant recipients

To see these resources and more, click on this link