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Faculty Development Week - Resources

Faculty Development Week Resources - Videos

Day One - Resources

Big Data, the Science of Learning, Analytics, and Transformation of Education
Author: Candace Thille

Type: YouTube Video

Description: From the mediaX Conference “Platforms for Collaboration and Productivity”, Candace Thille, with the Stanford Graduate School of Education highlights the power of platform tools and technologies to transform observation and data collection. This process enables researchers from industry and academia to know their user better – as consumers, as producers, and as learners.



Day Two - Resources

Design Justice 101 Workshop
Author: Ohio State University Department of Design and Urban Arts Space
Type: YouTube Video

Description: With nodes across the globe, the Design Justice Network is an international community of people and organizations who are committed to rethinking design processes so that they center people who are too often marginalized by design. During this interactive session, we will unpack and interact with the 10 principles of Design Justice during a collaborative activity using web-based tools. Join the conversation in Ohio, the idea being to form a local node in Ohio in the near future!

Day Two - Resources

I Am Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much
Author: Stella Young
Type: TEDx Talk

Description: Stella Young is a comedian and journalist who happens to go about her day in a wheelchair — a fact that doesn't, she'd like to make clear, automatically turn her into a noble inspiration to all humanity. In this very funny talk, Young breaks down society's habit of turning disabled people into "inspiration porn."

Day Two - Resources

Responding Racial Bias and Microaggressions in Online Environments
Authors: Frank Harris III, Luke Wood
Type: Webinar

Description: The transition to online instruction and student services in response to COVID-19 presents a substantial challenge for most post-secondary institutions. Among the most pervasive challenges are issues with racial bias and racial microaggressions that serve to impede the student experience. In an environment typified by time constraints, stress, and the unknown – racial strife is at an all-time high. This webinar focuses on strategies that educators can use to address issues of bias and microaggressions in order to meet the needs of historically underrepresented and under-served students in the online environment. The conversation was facilitated by Drs. Frank Harris III and J. Luke Wood.

Day Two - Resources

When We Design for Disability, We All Benefit
Author: Elise Roy
Type: TEDx Talk

Description: “I believe that losing my hearing was one of the greatest gifts I've ever received," says Elise Roy. As a disability rights lawyer and design thinker, she knows that being Deaf gives her a unique way of experiencing and reframing the world -- a perspective that could solve some of our largest problems. As she says: "When we design for disability first, you often stumble upon solutions that are better than those when we design for the norm.

Day Two - Resources

Why I Work to Remove Access Barriers for Students with Disabilities
Author: Haben Girma
Type: TEDx Talk

Description: The first Deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, Haben Girma advocates for equal opportunities for people with disabilities. President Obama named her a White House Champion of Change, and Forbes recognized her in Forbes 30 Under 30. Haben travels the world consulting and public speaking, teaching clients the benefits of fully accessible products and services. Haben is a talented storyteller who helps people frame difference as an asset. She resisted society’s low expectations, choosing to create her own pioneering story. Because of her disability rights advocacy she has been honored by President Obama, President Clinton, and many others.



Day Three - Resources

Optimizing Virtual Clinical Teaching During a Pandemic
Authors: Ramana Appireddy, Faizal Haji, Jessica Trier, David Taylor
Type: Online Panel

Description: In this session Drs. Ramana Appireddy, Faizal Haji, Jessica Trier and David Taylor will discuss different aspect of virtual clinical teaching: alternative strategies to the clinical learning environment, technologies that could be utilized with virtual clinical teaching, future trends and areas that need further investigation in virtual clinical teaching and all the opportunities and challenges these bring to the virtual clinical teaching environment.

Day Three - Resources

Teaching & Supervising Junior Learners in Virtual Patient Care (VPC) Settings
Author: Jill Rudkowski
Type: YouTube Video

Description: This MacPFD event will be focusing on teaching & supervision of junior learners in Virtual Patient Care (VPC) settings. We have previously featured events that speak to the needs of senior trainees (e.g. residents, fellows), but this session will aim to highlight some key faculty development content for those who are hosting junior trainees (pre-graduate trainees in MD, PA, NP, OT, PT, SLP, RN programs) in the VPC setting.

At this end of this activity, learners will be able to:

  • Incorporate best practice virtual care supervision in their own clinical environments.
  • Learn about considerations for counselling clients and their families via virtual care.
  • Highlight important considerations in communication with junior learners and patients related to virtual care encounters.

Day Three - Resources

Working with Learners In Your Virtual Practice
Author: University of Calgary
Type: Webinar



Day Four - Resources

Getting Started with Audio Recording
Authors: Ilana Bayer, Nicholas Hoskin
Type: YouTube Video

Description: Ready to get started with recording audio? We can help! Come join us as we discuss how to create quality audio recordings to share with your audience in a variety of learning environments. Uncover tools and resources as well as best practices and tips for success. After viewing this recording, viewers will be able to: explain the audio recording process, describe best practices and tips for recording and sharing audio files, and identify tools and resources for producing quality audio recordings.

Day Four - Resources

Online Teaching 101: Practical Tips to Help You Succeed
Authors: Sarah Lal, Ilana Bayer, Teresa Chan
Type: YouTube Video

Description: The transition to online education has provided you with many new considerations. How do you convert in-person interactions into online ones? Which platforms can you use? What can be synchronous or asynchronous?



Day Five - Resources

Simulation for the Real World – Transforming Healthcare Teams and Systems
Author: Victoria Brazil
Type: Vimeo

Description: How can simulation support healthcare improvement? How can techniques designed for education and training be translated to healthcare systems and patient outcomes? Here we discuss how translational simulation can be used to explore work environments and the people in them; how it can help us test and refine new facilitates, equipment or planned improvements. And maybe simulation can actually shape culture, and help high performing healthcare teams get better, together.

Day Five - Resources

Surgical Black Box Improves Performance & Safety
Author: Teodor Grantcharov
Type: TEDx talk

Description: What do professional athletes and the airline industry have to teach operating room professionals? Join Dr. Grantcharov as he talks about learning from other industries with the addition of Big Data and the OR Black Box to the operating theatre to improve surgical performance and outcomes.