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UHN Virtual Library: Workshops & Training


UHN Library and Information Services (UHN Libraries) supports the information needs of the clinicians, researchers, staff and learners of TeamUHN. Whether it's for patient care, discovery, learning or decision-making, we're your partner in finding the best evidence. Our mission: to enable innovation and learning through expert information leadership, and promote and enable access to the best evidence for decision-making.

We offer practical and interactive virtual workshops designed to make you a skilled user of our resources and services. To register for an upcoming workshop, use the links below in the Workshop Dates and Registration section.



If you can’t make it to a workshop, you can watch the recorded session linked in the dropdown below. If you have attended one of our workshops let us know how we did! 

Can't find what you are looking for? You can request a customized one-on-one or group workshop.

This session will enable participants to explore the concepts related to scoping reviews and will equip participants with the knowledge and tools required to successfully plan for and undertake a scoping review.

Thinking about doing a systematic review? Scoping review? Rapid review? Are you sure? This session will teach you what it means to do a systematic review or other type of knowledge synthesis, and help you understand what review “type” best fits your research question, timeline and goals.

Systematic reviews, if well done, provide a reliable and minimally bias source of information on topics of concern to clinical practice. Patient safety and responsible health care services are on the line. Learn about the 8 steps involved in a systematic review, and why you need to elucidate each before you get started.

This introductory session will provide an overview of the PubMed interface. The focus will be on building an effective search strategy using the PubMed search interface and using clinical queries to retrieve targeted results to clinical questions. Advanced search features and troubleshooting methods will be discussed.

Finding evidence is an integral step of Evidence Based Practice. MEDLINE is a leading source for finding biomedical scholarly literature. This session will present theory and techniques for building effective search strategies; it will go over key concepts including searching by subject terms and keywords and applying Boolean operators.

This session will be a demonstration of fundamental EndNote features and it is designed for people with little to no experience using EndNote. Participants will learned to import and export citations, add citations into a manuscript and batch export.

This introductory session will provide an overview of the Zotero citation management interface. The focus will be on showing you how to streamline the process of collecting, importing, exporting, and sharing your citations for papers and grants. The session is introductory and meant for those with little or no experience using Zotero.

This workshop will define what grey literature is and is not; it will identify grey literature sources and evaluate them and it will explain the process involved with producing a well-documented and transparent grey literature search.

Short demonstration of the process of choosing and using resources to find evidence based answers for clinical questions as quickly as possible.


This introductory session will provide an overview of the Publication Cycle. You will be guided through the stages of research as a cycle, from planning through promoting your work. By the end of the session you will be familiar with the publication cycle and will learn where to look for resources, tools, and services to help with your publication.

Working on completing a research project involves many building blocks. During this session we will share some of the key tools you should take into consideration to create a good foundation for your project. This session will go over how to identify appropriate research designs for different research questions, finding your publications and more!

During this session (Turning Research Aspiration into Reality) our speaker, Dr. Meghan Jendrysik, shared her expertise in evaluating manuscripts for scientific merit and scope, understanding the publishing lifecycle, choosing the right journal, and working through the peer review process.

Zotero Fundamentals Workshop.


The Screening Phase for Reviews Tutorial

This tutorial presents information on the screening process for systematic reviews or other knowledge syntheses, and contains a variety of resources including guidelines, best practices, tips, and tools for successfully preparing to complete this important research stage. 
Princess Margaret Cancer Campus - Cancer 360 

This self paced course provides exposure to a diverse range of topics in cancer to promote a holistic understanding of cancer and cancer survivorship. Experts from across fields and professions share their knowledge and experience on topics including: cancer prevention, health literacy, the impact of smoking cessation on cancer treatment, and cancer rehabilitation. 

Library staff have worked on the Essential Steps in Finding Best Evidence section the course and this can be found under the Research Methods. 

Through the PMCC you have access to a range of courses and you can access them by creating an account


EBSCO Academy

Find videos, online tutorials and instructor led courses that will help you use EBSCO resources like CINAHL and ERIC.

NLM Training

Find and explore an array of PubMed learning resources, professional development and lectures.

EndNote Training

Learn about this reference management software and all of its features. You can explore many resources and sign up for a variety of training options.

OVID Tools & Resources

Find training materials that will help you use OvidSP Online Resources such as MEDLINE, Embase, Emcare Nursing, APA PsycInfo.