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Community Resources for Patients and Families

New to Canada

Government services

City of Toronto - Newcomer Services

Find resources and supports if you are new to the Toronto

Government of Ontario - Community Health Centres

List of health care centres for people who do not have OHIP coverage

Government of Ontario - Interpreters for domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking victims

Find interpreters for more than 70 languages, including sign language, for agencies working with newcomers and refugees who experienced domestic or sexual violence and human trafficking.

Government of Ontario - Services for newcomers and refugees

List of settlement agencies that will help you fill out paperwork and adapt to life in Canada

IFHC - Interim Federal Health Program

Funding for health care coverage when you are new to Canada

Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)

Information from OCASI on free healthcare services when you do not have OHIP coverage

Support agencies

Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture - Settlement Services

Help if you are refugee who has survived torture or maltreatment and is looking to build a new life, call: (416) 363-1066

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)

For information if you are recent immigrant or refugee and would like to know more about your rights


Wide variety of programs, services and supports if you are a recent immigrant or refugee

Legal Aid Ontario

For legal support if you are a refugee claimant or need legal support with a immigration challenge


Online support for young people who are immigrants or refugees

JVS Toronto

Find resources and supports for refugees

Salvation Army - Immigrant and Settlement Services

For help with immigration, finances, health, job finding, ESL courses and housing applications.

Find resources and supports for refugees, immigrants and people new to Ontario

The 519

For settlement and support services for LGBTQ+ asylum seekers, refugees, protected individuals and permanent residents

The Housing Help Centre

Help with housing people with immigrant, permanent residency or refugee status, call (416) 285-8070 (Toronto or York Region only). *You may be added to a wait list.