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Teaching and Learning in the Time of COVID-19

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility in COVID-19

Anti-Racism, and Indigenization

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility in Education 

Sciences of COVID-19 Lecture Series

One-pagers on Barriers and Equity in Online Education

Literature on Equity in Health Professions Education

Below are the five most recent articles in PubMed from this search strategy: 

("Education, Professional"[Mesh]) AND (teach*[Title] OR curricul*[Title] OR pedagog*[Title] OR program*[Title] OR design*[Title] OR syllab*[Title] OR planning[Title] OR improv*[Title] OR address*[Title]) AND (equity[Title] OR inequity[Title] OR disparit*[Title] OR social justice[Title] OR diversity[Title] OR racial[Title] OR lgbt*[Title] OR race[Title] OR antiracist[Title] OR anti-racist[Title] OR anti-discriminat*[Title] OR antidiscriminat*[Title] OR indigen*[Title] OR accessib*[Title] OR inaccessib*[Title] OR disabilit*[Title] OR disable*[Title] OR mental illness*[Title] OR access[Title] OR queer*[Title] OR gender* OR sexualit* OR marginaliz*)

UHN and Michener team members can request searches on specific questions or topics using the Search Request Form, or by contacting your Information Specialist directly. 

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