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Special & Historical Collections at the CAMH Library: ARF Substudies

The ARF Headquarters from 1970 onwards

About the ARF Substudies

The ARF Substudies are a collection of bound, unpublished research reports dating from 1957-1983 which track the research activity of the Addiction Research Foundation (ARF). Many were subsequently submitted for publication in peer reviewed journals. Authors of the substudies include Robert E. Popham and John R. Seeley, two of the early researchers at the ARF. Some of the early substudies are accompanied by mathematical memos (1958-1961). In 1983 the substudies transitioned into a new series called the “ARF Internal Documents.” These documents were preliminary research or program activity reports not destined or not yet accepted for external publication at the time of their issue. 

Searching the ARF Substudies

The substudies are bound as a series in substudy number order. They are individually numbered #1 - #1272. An index by document number and a list of the mathematical memos are available in PDF form below. There is an author index which has not been scanned. To view the author index, please contact the CAMH Library. 


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