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Special & Historical Collections at the CAMH Library: Psychiatry Seminars Reading Lists

Dr. Frederick Glaser circa 2001

Dr. John Peachey 1989

(Photo courtesy of CAMH Archives)

About the Psychiatry Seminars

The Psychiatry Seminars were a series of 50 internal, informal seminars which were held for the staff of the Clinical Institute of the Addiction Research Foundation (ARF). The purpose of the seminars was to engage the staff in discussion about current research and key concepts in the field. The seminars covered various topics relating to addiction and the use of alcohol and other drugs. Controversial issues, such as The Disease Concept: Pro and Contra, were also covered. The seminars were hosted by Dr. Frederick Glaser and Dr. John Peachey in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Dr. Glaser was a member of the staff at the ARF from 1975-1989 and organized the seminars to ensure that staff were kept up to date on their knowledge.


About the Reading Lists

The Psychiatry Seminars Reading Lists are lists of both required and recommended readings which staff participating in the seminars were to read. The lists offer a snapshot of what was current in the field of psychiatry at that time and also provide insight into the relationship between theory and clinical practice. 


Accessing the Psychiatry Seminars Reading Lists

The reading lists for each seminar have been scanned and links to each can be found below. Contact the CAMH Library for assistance in locating the source documents.


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