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Special & Historical Collections at the CAMH Library: Littmann Collection

Dr. Sebastian K. Littmann [1978?]

 About the Littmann Collection

The Littmann Collection is a collection of 77 books about psychiatry and mental health. The Littmann family donated funds to establish the collection to honour the memory of Dr. Littmann.  Included in the collection are various self-help books, introductory texts as well as a few fiction  books which explore the psychology of human relationships. The collection was originally housed  in the Farrar Library, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry, along with Littmann’s portrait and a plaque  reading “Sebastian K. Littmann Library." It has since been transferred to the CAMH Library. 

 About Sebastian K. Littmann

Dr. Sebastian K. Littmann (1931-1986), pictured left, was an important figure in Canadian psychiatry in the  latter part of the twentieth century. He came to Canada in 1972 to take on the role of Chief of  Service for the Northern Service programme at the Queen Street Mental Health Centre in Toronto.  He also became Acting Director of Postgraduate Training at the Queen Street Mental Health  Centre. Dr. Littmann held an assistant professor position and later an associate professor of medical education position at the University of Toronto. He became Clinical Director of the Clarke Institute in July 1979 and held that position until 1982 when he became Head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Calgary, a position that he held until his death on December 27, 1986. Over the course of his life, Littmann was an active member in various medical and psychiatric associations and authored more than 30 scientific publications.

Additional Information

Additional information about Dr. Sebastian Littmann and his work can be found in the Sebastian Klaus Littmann fonds at the CAMH Archives. 
The description for the Littmann fonds can be found here.


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