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A Guide To Developing Live Virtual Group Education

Version 1.0, July 2021

Step 8: Follow up with your participants

Immediately after your virtual group education:

  • Send follow-up materials to your participants such as:
    • A link to the recording. Ask the participants not to share the link if it is a private recording. You may also wish to put a timeline on access (for example: available for 1 month).
    • A copy of the slides (PDF format)
    • A resource list. Try to hyperlink the resources if possible.
    • A reminder to fill out the evaluation form. Reinforce whether their responses will be anonymous and give a "complete by" date.
    • Contact information for questions or additional support
  • Follow-up with your speakers and provide:
    • A link to the recording
    • An evaluation form. Ask them about their experience presenting, the support they received and suggestions for future sessions (see sample questions in Appendix III)

In the weeks following:

Collect and compile all the feedback you received including formal surveys, informal conversations or comments from your interprofessional team. Share this with your facilitators, speakers and co-presenters.

Action Items

  • Send follow up materials such as presentation slides, evaluation forms, resource lists and contact information
  • Compile feedback and share with stakeholders