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A Guide To Developing Live Virtual Group Education

Version 1.0, July 2021

Step 9: Evaluate your virtual group education

Unlike Step 8, where the focus was on general feedback, this step takes a closer look at critical measures and performance in key areas. It is meant to evaluate how closely your virtual group education met its goals, how engaged your participant felt and how you can improve overall. This can then be used to support future projects or secure funding.

When evaluating your virtual group education:

  • Review and analyze the feedback collected to determine:
    • If your virtual group education met its stated learning objectives
    • Whether participants enjoyed the virtual group education and/or found it helpful
    • If speakers and co-facilitators enjoyed presenting and/or saw the value
    • What improvements are needed
    • What participants would like to learn more about
    • If presentation, speakers and facilitators were engaging or effective
  • Reflect on your own experience:
    • What did you enjoy about presenting and/or planning your virtual group education?
    • Did you get the number of participants hoped for? If more or less, what were the contributing factors?
    • Was it easy for your participants to use the virtual platform? What ways could you improved access in the future?
    • Did the technology meet your needs in terms of scheduling, presentation options, and/or interactivity? Where were the gaps?
    • Was your session timed well or did you feel rushed?
    • Were there any distractions or obstacles you would like to avoid in the future?
    • Were there any technical issues or elements that did not work as intended? How can you follow up to ensure this doesn't happen again?
    • Did participants engage with your planned interactive elements? Were they effective in reinforcing key messages or providing support?
    • How responsive were your participants? Did they participate if you used breakout rooms, chat, Q&A, polling features?

Action Items

  • Create a spreadsheet or database to help record and track the feedback
  • Evaluate success based on critical measurements and performance indicators. Analyze data for patterns or trends.
  • Use feedback to revise your virtual group education and the processes surround it.