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Nursing Resources

Multimedia, Videos, and Other Online Modules

Access Medicine

  1. If you are off-site, connect to VPN
  2. Visit Access Medicine at
  3. Mouse hover on Multimedia
  4. You will see a set up video modules organized under the following categories:
    • Auscultation Classroom
    • Diagnostic and Imaging Studies (by clinical techniques and specialties)
    • Human Anatomy Modules
    • Lectures
    • Patient Interview
    • Patient Safety Modules
    • Physical Exam (by specialties)
    • Procedural Videos (by specialties)

CINAHLeducation (CINAHL Continuing Education modules)

  1. If you are off-site, connect to VPN
  2. Visit CINAHLeducation program
  3. Register for an account
  4. After logging in, select one of the available modules (e.g. select Dynamic Health to see the list of modules by specialties /disciplines)  
  5. After reviewing the course materials, try Interactive Review. The Interactive Review is designed to allow you to test your comprehension of the course material.
  6. You can ultimately Take the Test. After passing the test you will be issued a certificate which you may download and/or print. If you do not pass the test on the first attempt, you will be given 72 hours to take it again. If you do not pass the test with 2 attempts, you must wait 3 days before taking it again.
  7. Information about accreditation is here

ProQuest Database

  1. If you are off-site, connect to VPN
  2. Visit ProQuest at
  3. Select ‘Audio & Video Works’ under Source Type
  4. The results will be 14 topics
  5. There are multiple videos available under each topics

For example, topic number 10 is pain management. By clicking on the topic, you can see there are 10 videos related to pain management

Open education resources through reputable institutions

Stanford medicine 25: bedside exam skills

e-Learn Modules (Mental Health & addiction) from Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario