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Nursing Resources


  • The Gritty Nurse Podcast - this podcast examines hot topics related to health and healthcare. The hosts, Amie Archibald-Varley & Sara Fung, don't shy away from nothing, discussing topics such as mental health, social justice, women's health and women's rights. Episodes are informative, gritty, humorous and educational!
  • The FRESHRN Podcast - your first year as a registered nurse is challenging and with this podcast, host, Kati Kleber, hopes to dispel myths, offer encouraging words, and fill in some of the blanks left from nursing school to enable you to excel in your first job as a registered nurse. 

Social Media

  • Amber Lee, BSN, RN | @sparklyscrubs - Lee is a NICU nurse and new graduate. She shares what it’s been like as a new nurse with positivity and promotes inclusivity. She once worked in TV marketing on shows like “Shark Week” and “Puppy Bowl.”