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Installing EndNote

In order to get EndNote on your St. Michael's Hospital's PC, you must submit a ShopICT request.  Find out who the designate is in your department and ask them to order it for you.  St. Mike's has a site license which means your department isn't charged an individual fee. If you are located at St. Joseph's Health Centre or Providence Healthcare, please call IT and ask how to obtain EndNote on your hospital's PC. 

St. Michael's Hospital has a licence to EndNote X9.3.3. Note that the newest version of EndNote is 20. 

EndNote Backwards Compatibility

EndNote libraries created in version 20 are not backwardly compatible with older versions of EndNote because Clarivate introduced a new database engine from X9.3 onwards. When you use EndNote X9.3 or 20 to open a library that was created in an earlier version, you will be prompted to create a new converted library.

Information on library conversion and backward compatibility from Clarivate.

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