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UHN Virtual Library: Skills Learning Resources

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Review, Update or Learn New Skills

Procedure Videos from Clinical Key

* Procedure Videos in Clinical Key includes details on how to prepare for, perform, and follow up on the most common procedures required in a hospital setting. Step by step instructions, images and videos, filterable by specialty, for topics like:
- Catheterization
- Intubation
- Ventilation
- Wound management
- Local anesthesia 
- Bedside ultrasound

- Eye irrigation
- etc.

Multimedia tools in Access Medicine

* Access Medicine provides video training, interactive modules, audio-recordings of lectures on a variety of topics and more.
- Auscultation Classroom 
- Diagnostic and Imaging Studies
- Harrison's Pathophysiology Animations
- Human Anatomy Modules
- Patient Safety Modules
- Pharmacology
- Physical Exam
- Procedural Videos

Procedural Videos in BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice has * Procedural Videos including:
- Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation
- How to perform an ECG
- Male and female urethral catheterisation
- Nasopharyngeal airway
- Tracheal intubation

Medical Videos from the New England Journal of Medicine

NEJM has medical videos freely available on their website that you can filter by specialty, including:
- Primary Care
- Emergency Medicine
- Pulmonary / Critical Care
- Otolaryngology
​- etc.

Video Training Programs in ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health

The * Video Training Programs in ProQuest's Nursing and Allied Health are short, focused videos on performing assessments, administering medications, basic clinical skills, ethical and administrative skills, and more.

- Airway care
- Auscultation of breath sounds 
- Infection control
- Lifting safety
- Nursing Assessments
- Wound care


Multimedia tools in Access Surgery

* Access Surgery has training videos and multimedia learning tools on surgical topics including:
- Airway management
- Basic technical skills
- Trauma and burns
- Specialties including oncology, cardiac, breast, vascular, etc.


The Gallery from the Canadian Virtual Hospice

Canadian Virtual Hospice has a Gallery of videos covering areas like:
- Caregiving demonstrations - movement, personal hygiene, etc.
- First Nations, Inuit, Metis - access to care, cultural diversity, etc.
- Grief and Loss
- etc.
​One section collects all of the video resources for Professionals, but there are also videos for caregivers, patients, etc. 

Video series from Portico Network about Mental Health Care

Portico offers clinical tools and evidence-based materials for health care providers, social service workers and others.

Access information

* These resources are accessible on UHN network computers or by logging in with a UHN id and password
If you click and login when prompted and then don't go directly to the learning resources listed, click on the link again.