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UHN Virtual Library: Skills Learning Resources

Review, Update or Learn New Skills

Procedure Videos from Clinical Key

* Procedure Videos in Clinical Key includes details on how to prepare for, perform, and follow up on the most common procedures required in a hospital setting. Step by step instructions, images and videos, filterable by specialty, for topics like:
- Catheterization
- Intubation
- Ventilation
- Wound management
- Local anesthesia 
- Bedside ultrasound

- Eye irrigation
- etc.

Multimedia tools in Access Medicine

* Access Medicine provides video training, interactive modules, audio-recordings of lectures on a variety of topics and more.
- Auscultation Classroom 
- Diagnostic and Imaging Studies
- Harrison's Pathophysiology Animations
- Human Anatomy Modules
- Patient Safety Modules
- Pharmacology
- Physical Exam
- Procedural Videos

Procedural Videos in BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice has * Procedural Videos including:
- Bag-Valve-Mask ventilation
- How to perform an ECG
- Male and female urethral catheterisation
- Nasopharyngeal airway
- Tracheal intubation

Medical Videos from the New England Journal of Medicine

NEJM has medical videos freely available on their website that you can filter by specialty, including:
- Primary Care
- Emergency Medicine
- Pulmonary / Critical Care
- Otolaryngology
​- etc.

Video Training Programs in ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health

The * Video Training Programs in ProQuest's Nursing and Allied Health are short, focused videos on performing assessments, administering medications, basic clinical skills, ethical and administrative skills, and more.

- Airway care
- Auscultation of breath sounds 
- Infection control
- Lifting safety
- Nursing Assessments
- Wound care


Multimedia tools in Access Surgery

* Access Surgery has training videos and multimedia learning tools on surgical topics including:
- Airway management
- Basic technical skills
- Trauma and burns
- Specialties including oncology, cardiac, breast, vascular, etc.


The Gallery from the Canadian Virtual Hospice

Canadian Virtual Hospice has a Gallery of videos covering areas like:
- Caregiving demonstrations - movement, personal hygiene, etc.
- First Nations, Inuit, Metis - access to care, cultural diversity, etc.
- Grief and Loss
- etc.
​One section collects all of the video resources for Professionals, but there are also videos for caregivers, patients, etc. 

Access information

* These resources are accessible on UHN network computers or by logging in with a UHN id and password
If you click and login when prompted and then don't go directly to the learning resources listed, click on the link again.