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Excel Basics - Learning Objective #3

Excel Basics - Learning Objective #3:

Demonstrate an understanding of basic Excel tasks by entering information into sample worksheets:

Skills and concepts covered:

  • Typing in Data
  • Copying and Pasting Data
  • Rename Sheets
  • Add and Remove Columns and Rows


  • Click on cell A1 → Click on the formula bar → Type “Staff member.”
  • Click on cell B1 → Click on the formula bar → Type “Number of clients served.”
  • Select the Data worksheet → Click and drag with the select cursor to highlight the names → Right-click with the mouse and select copy.
  • Navigate back to the first worksheet → Click cell A2 → Paste the information by right-clicking and selecting paste → Click the leftmost paste that looks like a sheet of paper.
  • Type in data for clients served: in cells B2 to B7.
  • Rename Sheet1: Double click on the Sheet1 tab → Choose a more descriptive name of your choosing.
  • Add a new “department” column: use the column select cursor to highlight column B → Right-click and select insertPut “Department” in cell B1 → Fill in department codes (ICU, ER, OR.).

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