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Excel Basics - Learning Objective #4

Excel Basics - Learning Objective #4:

Perform calculations within a worksheet by understanding and using simple formulas:

Skills and concepts covered:

  • Format for Formulas
  • Basic Arithmetic (+ - * /)
  • One example of a Numeric Formula (Sum)


  • Complete math problems using arithmetic operators in the Math! worksheet:
    • Addition: =Cell Reference 1(A1)+Cell Reference 2(B2)
    • Subtraction: =Cell Reference 1(A1)-Cell Reference 2(B2)
    • Multiplication: =Cell Reference 1(A1)*Cell Reference 2(B2).
    • Division: =Cell Reference 1(A1)/Cell Reference 2(B2)
  • Go to the Chart Draft Worksheet and use the sum function to add the number of clients served for all the staff members
    • Sum Function: =SUM(C2:C7)

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