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Excel Basics - Learning Objective #5

Excel Basics - Learning Objective #5:

Produce customized worksheets that incorporate formatting changes:

Skills and concepts covered:

  • Freeze rows and columns
  • Border outlines
  • Cell colour fills


  • Add a cell colour → Use the select cursor to highlight the cells in the row to be filled with color → Move the cursor up into the ribbon to the fill icon with it has a paint bucket on it → Click the small triangle next to the paint bucket to see options for your colors →  choose a cell color

  • Add a border → Highlight all of the cells with information in them → Go up into the ribbon to the left of the fill icon → Click the small triangle next to the border icon → Choose all borders
  • Freeze the first worksheet row → In the ribbon, click on the View tab → Find the Freeze Panes optionClick on it and see three options: Freeze the viewed area, the first row or the first column → Choose the first row optionScroll up and down in the worksheet → The first row does not move → To undo that action, go back to the freeze pane option and select unfreeze pane.

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