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Excel Basics - Learning Objective #6

Excel Basics - Learning Objective #6:

Visualize information in a worksheet by converting data into chart form:

Skills and concepts covered:

  • Create a Basic Column Graph


  • Put information in a table into chart format → Select the “Clients Served by Day of Week” worksheet → Select all of the information in the table by highlighting cells A1 to B7.
  • On the ribbon, select the Insert tab → In the Charts section, select Column.
  • Choose a column chart type (suggestion: 2D clustered column; leftmost option in the first row) → Click on the column chart type → The chart will appear in the middle of the worksheet.
  • Change the title of the chart → Click the chart title type Clients Served.
  • Type in “by Day of Week” so the title reads “Clients Served by Day of Week” → Click anywhere outside of the chart.

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