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Online Teaching Tools

Course Description (53 Minutes):

Whether you are looking to build an engaging presentation, a beautiful infographic or report, or even a fun game there is a tool for you! This library crash course will explain the benefits of visualizing information in many different formats while also presenting some best practices to keep in mind while creating content. This course will be divided into two main parts: creating an engaging presentation and creating static or asynchronous material. Throughout this course we will be covering several tools including: Visme, Canva, Padlet, Genially, Loom, and WAVE.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn the benefits of information visualization
  • Introduction to design elements
  • Identify best practices for presentations and infographics
  • Use online teaching tools for engagement/gamification during online presentations/sessions (Padlet & Genially)
  • Understand the basic functionalities of graphic design software (Canva & Visme)
  • Introduction to a video editing tool for asynchronous content (Loom)
  • Quick introduction to an Accessibility browser extension (WAVE)

Tools Covered:

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