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Excel Basics - Learning Objective #7

Excel Basics Learning Objective #7:

Prepare worksheets for printing:

Skills and concepts covered:

  • Print Options
  • Print Area
  • Page Numbers


  • On the ribbon, select the File tab → Select the print option.
  • The first option under Settings lets us select what we want to print → We can choose the active sheet, the entire workbook, or a selected area within a worksheet. 
  • Select an area in the “Clients Served by Day of Week” worksheet for printing.
  • With the select cursor, highlight the information in the table from cell A1 to B7.
  • In the ribbon, navigate back to the File tab → Click the Print option → Under Settings, select Print Selection.
  • Add page numbers to the “Clients Served by Date” worksheet.
  • On the ribbon, navigate to the Insert tab → In the Text options, select Header & Footer.
  • On the ribbon, select Header and Footer tools.
  • On the ribbon, in the Header & Footer Elements, select Page Number.
  • Click in the margin of the document to exit the Header & Footer options.
  • See the page number in whatever location you chose.

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