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Library Value Toolkit V2

Future Steps & Guiding Principles

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Please use the Submit a Resource option below. Read our Guiding Principles for selecting resources and updating this site. Trust us, it's never personal!

Guiding Principles

Our intention: 

1)  This site is intended to be a 'starting-point'.  The Task Force decided it was never to be a comprehensive collection of resources, but an entry level toolkit intended to provide some basic resources, and guide users in their search for value.

2) We intend for this site to be flexible, both in who might use it (Librarians, Library Technicians, Information Managers, Records Managers etc.) as well as what organization the user might be part of (Hospital, College, Public Health Unit, Not-for-profit Org. etc.).  As a group, we decided to provide more generic resources, or resources from any of these areas to ensure we don't focus too much on one e.g.: a Hospital Librarian

Schedule for Review:

1) An HSICT appointed group will review end-user resource submissions semi-annually.  As a group, they will decide which resources should be updated, added, or possibly omitted* 

2) An HSICT appointed group will review the entire site every 2 years to maintain its currency and relevancy 

*Again, please note that we 100% appreciate any resource submission but cannot promise to include all submissions.  Rest assured it is never a personal decision but is in all likelihood a decision based in our other guiding principles.

Want more information? Need to contact us? 

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