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Library Value Toolkit: Measuring Value

Task Force Recommendations

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What do we think you should keep in mind?


Recommendation 1:
Consider both quantitative and qualitative data in your overall plan.

Recommendation 2:
Use existing data (usage, web stats), informal methods (observation, discussions) and formal methods (surveys, interviews)

Recommendation 3:
Think about what you need to know and what is important to your users and stakeholders.

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What is this?


Measuring value is complex. Let's start with an overview. This section offers more general resources to assist with planning your evaluation activities.

This section has pages dedicated to more specific strategies for collecting data and measuring value, including:


What is 'measuring value'?

In a nutshell, this covers the Why? What? and How? driving the process of determining indicators to measure outcomes and impact.

Give Me an Example!

The eVALUEd Toolkit provides a 9 Stage Process to follow. For this section, see in particular 1 to 6.

  • Decide the purpose.
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Decide what to evaluate
  • Choose methods
  • Collect Data
  • Analyse Data


Logic Model

To plan your evaluation activities, use this planning tool to connect activities to outcomes.


From: Cooper, I.D. (2011). Is the informationist a new role? A logic model analysis. J Med Lib Assoc. 99(3).