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Library Value Toolkit: How to Use this Guide & Additional Resources


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Additional Resources

Want more than we can give?

For an array of helpful resources, check out:

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What is this?

glossaryWhat you'll find here:

  1. How to Use this Guide
  2. Other Value Guides/Resources

Make sure to also check out:

  1. Framework for Measuring Value
  2. Glossary (or you can click any of the blue Glossary buttons from any page! )

How to use this Guide

Pick and choose from the tools and suggested practices in this guide that you think are most helpful for:

  • Collecting data on the use of services and collections (print and online)
  • Evaluating feedback from patrons
  • Evaluating specific services and projects
  • Monitoring change
  • Reporting the value of your services

We've worked as a team to 'define' what we call 'Value Categories'.  Feel free to browse around, but don't forget when you see the down arrow - there's more 'Value categories' to be found!



Each page will consist of at least the following sections:

  1. Task-force Recommendations: Our Task-force is offering up some guidance!  Take it, leave it, or apply it how YOU see fit
  2. What is this?:  This is a brief description of what that 'Value Category' entails
  3. Top Resources:  This is where you'll find either a reference to a top Task-force recommended book, document, or link 
  4. Give me an Example! : This is a very brief, and hopefully practical, example of one way to apply this value-added resource or tool to your Library

You'll also see the following icon  glossary  on every page, so if you want a brief description of selected terms used throughout this guide, just click on the button!