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Library Value Toolkit: Framework for Measuring Value

Task-Force Recommendations

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What do we think you should keep in mind?


Recommendation 1: When planning what to measure, don't panic. It is OK to tackle one component at a time.

Recommendation 2: Frequently step back and see the 'big picture'.

Recommendation 3: Look to your organization's MVV to determine major Impacts to measure and report.

This page highlights 'overview' resources.

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What is this?

glossaryA Value Framework has been developed to show an overview of the components and relationships of the evaluation process, from inputs to outputs.  This Framework can be applied to any aspect of 'measuring value'.


Value framework Diagram

Adapted from:
Brettle et al. Evaluating Clinical Librarian Services: A Systematic Review.

Give Me an Example!

Conducting Literature Reviews:
How to Evaluate. Example of mixed methods approach.

Process Evaluation
Usage Statistics to determine use of service and by whom.
Number of searches per year
Number by Department or Program Area
Numbers broken down by hours spent, etc.

Measuring Outcome
Feedback Questionnaire to determine effectiveness:

  • Saved time?
  • Useful, relevant results?

Basically, 'How are we doing?'

Measuring Impact
Did contribution make a difference? Follow-up to confirm:

  • Grant was Awarded (align with organizational objective to increase grants), or
  • Contributed to a research based change in practice (align with organizational objective to provide quality care).