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Library Value Toolkit: About the Task Force

Task Force Recommendations

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What do we think you should keep in mind?


Recommendation 1: Always use your own judgement when utilizing these resources and tools!  Each institution is different and not everything applies or would work for everyone.  They pay us the big bucks for our 'on-the-money' judgement, let's make sure they get the value for their money!

Recommendation 2: Browse around and let us know if we're missing something major!  We can't promise to actually do anything about it, but knowledge of where we've come up short is always good! ;)

Recommendation 3: A foolish man once said "If you build it, they will come". We know they won't, they'll instead ask "Why'd you build that?! These tools and resources will ideally help the Library professional better understand their own role and value, to be translated to the powers that be.


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Image courtesy of [KROMKRATHOG,] / FreeDigitalPhotos.netThe Task Force on Measuring the Value of Library Services was formed February 2013, with aims to "develop and identify performance indicators that demonstrate the impact our members have on health care and research within their organizations".


Purpose of this Guide:

  • Create a practical toolbox of resources, including those developed by our members, on a web platform accessible to our members.
  • Identify a few key resources, research, reports or tools that support the value of library and information services in health settings, broken into 'Value Catagories'
  • Offer 'Task Force Reccomendations' to Librarians, Managers and Library leaders in each 'Value Category' to help identify the where, when why and how to use these resources.
  • To identify, where possible, applicable value measures for Library leaders.

This guide does not intend to offer an exhaustive list of resources to the Library leader; however, intends to provide a 'jumping off' point for health Librarians interested in assessing and promoting the value of their service and professional expertise.  It aims to be unique amongst other, much more exhaustive resources, such as Dean Gustini's "Managing Health Libraries", via its collective 'reccomendations' and limited 'key resources', all dedicated to the topic of value in health libraries.


How we did this:


The Value Task Force began with a general survey to HSICT members for:

    • Current practices
    • Expressed needs in reporting value
    • Tools, methods, tips to share.

Task-force members identified key 'Value Categories' and brought forth a few top or key resources in each subject.  The Task-force then collectively assessed and establish recommendations for each area.  Finally all information was compiled into this guide with the intent of providing Library leaders with a practical and easy to use resource.