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Library Value Toolkit: Feedback & Surveys

Task Force Recommendations

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What do we think you should keep in mind?


Recommendation 1:
Use an electronic format whenever possible.  People feel more comfortable with the anonymity of it!  

Recommendation 2:
Send a follow-up survey or conduct an interview at a later time - 6 months. Sometimes the outcome or impact of your work takes time to become apparent.

Recommendation 3:
Keep them short & don't use 'Librarian Speak' for users surveys. See Booth (2005) for examples for wording.

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What is this?

glossaryThis section is dedicated to methods used in qualitative evalution through user feedback. Strategies include: Questionnaires, Focus Groups and Interviews. It includes:


What is Feedback & Surveys?

Give Me an Example!

From 2002 MLA Report: The Value of Library and Information Services...

Collect Data on Users and Intended Use.
Incorporate when collecting data on services like literature requests, Inter Library Loans, evaluation of instruction / learning sessions.

Please identify your position within the hospital/medical center:

  • Physician
    • Attending
    • Resident
    • Fellow
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • etc. etc.

Please indicate the purpose of your [SERVICE] request:

  • Clinical Care
  • Teaching
  • Clinical Learning/Staying Informed
  • Student Research
  • Institutional Management
  • Funded Research
  • Patient Education
  • Other ____________________________

Sample Focus Group Questions

1. Please describe an incident in which [SERVICE] has supported [ACTIVITY].
2. How can [SERVICE] be improved?
3. How can the library further support [ACTIVITY]?

Give Me Another Example!

From their award winning survey, here's an example of a feedback form from Taskforce member Penka Stoyanova and Christina Woodward!

Credit Valley Feedback page 1Credit Valley Feedback page 2