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Library Value Toolkit: Communicating Value

Task Force Recommendations

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What do we think you should keep in mind?


Recommendation 1: Communicating Value can really only come once you've assessed or measured your value.

Recommendation 2: It is absolutely essential that you not only communicate your value but that you do so well!  Though you may 'measure up' high in value, if it gets lost in translation, that value is largly negligable 

Recommendation 3: Communicating value is the fun part!  Sometimes you have to 'do as everyone else does' and follow more traditional lines of communicating, but other times you can really think outside the box and show them we're not just dull and stuffy but creative and edgy!

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What is this?

glossaryYou've done it!  You've measured your value with an array of feedback surveys, usage stats and ROI, and you've bench-marked your library to ensure what you are doing follows best practices.  Done right?  Not Quite!

 On this page, you'll find general information on communicating value under: 

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What is Communicating Value?

Once you've measured value, you need to make sure you communicate it.  One's value is significantly lessened if no one knows about it.  There are many different ways, methods and vehicles to communicate it though, ranging from the more traditional reporting to some more creative ways!

Video Highlight: Communicating the Value of a Library by Joe Matthews