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Quick & Dirty Searching: Tips and Tricks for Effective Searching of Evidence-Based Medicine

Course Description (51 minutes):

Looking for vetted evidence-based medical information in a rush? Not enough time to conduct a literature search? Then this is the class for you! This course is designed to provide you with searching tips to quickly navigate several databases to find evidence-based medicine information. This course will begin by introducing you to common databases (PubMed and Google Scholar) for finding research articles, then expands to databases that contain more medical reference information (such as drug information, quick reference, cases, and policy documents).

Course Objectives:

  • Search PubMed and Google Scholar quickly and effectively for medical research
  • Use the databases CPS (RxTx) and Access Medicine to obtain quick medical information
  • Use the open access databases of Merck Manuals and TRIP database to discover quick medical information and policy and best practice documents


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