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Online Resources for Patients and Families: Podcasts

Recommended Podcasts

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Health News

Discussions of latest health news, wellness topics and research

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Learn the basics of mindfulness to help you cope with anxiety, stress and sleeplessness.

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Mental Health

Interviews with experts and people with lived experience of mental health.

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Health Conditions

Learn about your condition from medical professionals and people with lived experience.

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Cancer research, treatment, coping and other topics


Podcasts are spoken word audio recordings, which are released as episodes.  Often, they focus on a specific subject or theme such as relaxing, mindfulness, or mental health.  You can subscribe to a podcast on your smart device such as phone or iPad. You can listen to episodes on your headphones, in the car or using a speaker. 

A variety of health-related podcasts are available for download and listen, with more being created daily.  

Our Health Information Specialists have researched a variety of good and free-to-access podcasts that will help you manage your health and wellness routine. 

Reasons to Listen to a Health Podcast

  • Learn more about your health condition 
  • Get reviews of the latest wellness trends from health professionals 
  • Feel connected with other people who have the same health condition 
  • Find out about recent research about your health 

How to Listen to a Podcast

There are two main ways to listen to a podcast: 

  • Stream it on the creator’s website 
  • Download a podcast app i.e. Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher or Spotify 

If you enjoy a podcast and would like to hear new episodes when they are released, you can subscribe to the podcast through the app.   You can set up your podcasts to download through WIFI to avoid using cellular data.